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There are four sections to Learning to Be, and all have insightful talking points.

I Pay Attention (Self-Awareness, Noise, Peace)

II Postures (Stillness, Slowing Down, Listening, Reconciliation)

III Wonder (Mystery, Estrangement, Thin Places)

IV Reconstruction (Post Deconstruction of Faith, Ignatian, Benedictine, and Anglican Spirituality)

In addition to speaking specifically from the book, with the insight of the Enneagram and the posture of contemplative spiritual practices, we need to invest into our holistic health and well being. There is a multitude of speaking opportunities in regards to our awareness enabling opportunities for better spiritual health.

With experience, insight, and research, Chad, a certified Enneagram teacher, can help curate conversation with subject areas:

-My book, Learning to Be: Reconstructing Peace & Spiritual Health

-Contemplative awareness and living

-Staff or Personal Care

-Enneagram Personality Assessment and Implementation

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Booking availability is limited, therefore Event details as well as available budget helps us to best frame the potential for a successful event. We are very selective with the bookings, so to best prepare and partner with your needs.

What to expect if you work with me:

Preparation: I will do my homework in addition to the details you give me for your event. My education, research, and experience continue to expand and grow resources and insight. Expect depth, encouragement, and a bit of humor with a relational delivery.

Flexibility: If we with one another and seek the common good, we can find a way to work toward a successful experience.

Simplicity: The agreement, fees, and arrangements are simple and customized to assist you.