“This book is a treasure calling us into stillness, awareness and a deeper communion with our God and with our fellow pilgrims on this spiritual quest. Fr. Chad introduces us to practices that will still our hearts, increase our wonder and draw us into the presence of the living God—the I AM. It calls us forward by inviting us to discover the ancient traditions of faith and to make them our own.” 

Karen Pascal, Executive Director, Henri Nouwen Society 

“Chad Jarnagin is making a meaningful contribution to the growing importance and awareness of spiritual health. Learning to Be is a wise, essential, and helpful book. There is a level of self-awareness and care revealed in Fr. Chad’s messaging. The contemplative pace and insight of Learning to Be may be just what you need.” 

Ian Morgan Cron, Author of The Road Back to You

“We live in a hectic world and if we are not careful, our faith will become just one more thing on our to-do list. This is a book that so many of us have been waiting for. With historic wisdom and a practical insight, Chad invites us on a spiritual pilgrimage to slow down, step back in time, and rediscover the blessings that come from practicing spiritual disciplines in our daily life.”

Rev. Dr. Winfield Bevins, Director of Church Planting at Asbury Seminary and Author of Ever Ancient Ever New: The Allure of Liturgy for a New Generation

“Chad’s experience and heart help to illuminate the insightful pages of Learning to Be. He identifies some of the spiritual toxins in our culture and curates some healthy ways forward. We so need this today. Fr. Chad offers some wise soul-care. I’m excited for you to read this work.” 

Jeremy Cowart, Photographer and Founder of The Purpose Hotel

Learning to Be is an important read on the path to spiritual health, and Chad is a trusted guide. He not only helps us to courageously name what no longer brings life, but he wisely and graciously points us toward a way forward. If you are looking to reconstruct after the deconstruction, I recommend this book.” 

Aaron Niequist, Author of The Eternal Current

“Chad is one of the most profound spiritual leaders I’ve ever met. Learning to Be may just be the most pleasant surprise I have read in a long time. I am grateful to know Fr. Chad and I trust his heart and soul-care. He has a way of making us think and slow down. This book is a gift.” 

Jeff Goins, Bestseller Author of Real Artists Don't Starve

“In Learning to Be, Chad Jarnagin is our tour guide to an inspired, reimagined, and winsome journey of faith. For so many of us who feel increasingly out of place in a polarizing and political evangelicalism, Chad helps us to discover new gold from ancient Christian practices—rooting us in a tradition that is deep and wide. If you are ready to trade the muchness and manyness of Christianity for simplicity and stillness, Learning to Beprovides a much-needed map.” 

Hunter Mobley, Enneagram Teacher and Pastor at Christ Church Nashville

“So grateful to see someone voicing some of the tensions with embracing wonder and mystery in a culture obsessed with certainty. Fr. Chad lovingly walks us through Learning to Be with care and wisdom. He voices how we are human beings, not human doings, something I’m still learning. Thankfully, Chad raises awareness that knowledge and formation leads us toward practice and transformation. I am resonating with this book on my path of learning to be.” 

Harris, III, Illusionist & Storyteller

“I’ve had the gift and privilege of friendship with Fr. Chad for several years and I’m excited for others to experience his voice as I have, which is the voice of a wise guide helping us on our spiritual journey. Learning to Be is full of practical wisdom encouraging us to keep going and to stay connected to each other and the Ancient Wisdom of the slow work God.” 

Stu Garrard, Author, Musician, Collaborator, The Beatitudes Project