…to BE, or not to BE…


Today’s unsustainable pace of life brings fatigue, anxiety, and extraneous stress. In a time when everything is expected to be expedited and instantaneous, it is possible that the modern church has even fallen prey to this unhealthy way of life—leaving many of us disoriented and untethered. And in believers’ efforts to deconstruct their faith, it is easy to be lulled into a deconstruction that becomes the destination rather than a continual process. In Learning to Be, Chad E. Jarnagin shares a life-changing perspective of a healthy faith by challenging and investigating spiritual orientations, postures, and healthy ways forward. 

With Learning to Be, Chad posits that people are not able to move forward with new, healthy practices and rhythms without first healing from past toxins, abuse, and unhealthy patterns. Learning to Be points out some of the issues believers encounter (and why), and that there are healthy ways forward through new (old) spiritual practices and postures that enhance and assist stillness and a slower pace. Chad also provides weekly worship directions and traditions that help reorient a life of devotion while addressing spiritual practices found in Anglicanism, as well as Benedictine and Ignatian Spirituality that help people of all sectors of faith move forward … and learn to be still again.



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